Going into any great detail about myself would be an inappropriate expression of ego and pride.

I hold the rank of Jedi Master. I have a Padawan. I am Twi'lek.

(( Ebon Hawk. @Azixoss ))

It’s rare that anything irritates me.

Things that do irritate me typically have good reason for it.

In this case, it was a nearly mob-like behavior toward my Padawan from other Jedi.

I will grant that a handful were simply discussing Juyo form in general, and were not directing their conversation directly at him, and at least one of the people speaking tried to remind the others that they were addressing a Padawan in a very aggressive manner though, unfortunately, it didn’t seem many heard her.

The others, including Geviana (which was disappointing) directed specific statements at Ehlial, informing him that he had a Master ranging from irresponsible to stupid to downright awful, that he was going to (not that there was a risk, that it was an almost guaranteed fact) fall to the Dark side if he continued, and left him with the impression that his opinion on the matter did NOT matter because he is only a Padawan.

They may not have said that directly, but the few times he tried to defend himself or suggest that his Master wouldn’t allow the training if he felt there was an unreasonable risk, he was shouted down.

I don’t mind what was said in regards to me; I am an adult and a Jedi Master, and they’re entitled to form whatever opinions they have of me based on either fact or facts they just made up.

I do mind when supposed Jedi Knights and Masters nearly gang up on a Padawan who did nothing but try to join in in an ongoing discussion about various lightsaber forms.

That behavior is unacceptable from anyone, but especially so from Jedi.

They lash out based on fear of a lightsaber form that requires more control and ability to detach from allowing emotions to have a personal affect than most people are capable of doing; that fear is, unfortunately, instilled as part of the warnings when it comes to learning lightsaber forms, and it tends to manifest itself in perceived ‘anger’ toward people who use it successfully.

A combination of fear of what would happen if they tried and jealousy and resentment that someone they don’t feel should be successful (in this case, a Padawan) at something they themselves weren’t strong enough to be successful with and—I spend the past two days between myself and Al’dien helping Ehlial rebuild his shaken confidence in himself and in other Jedi.

Geviana, at least, had the good sense to apologize for her behavior toward Ehlial once she managed to calm herself. 

Perhaps it’s not irritation I’m experiencing so much as it is profound disappointment.



“Welcome back, Jedi, are they done properly indoctrinating you already?”

Ehlial stood there silently for a few stunned moments.  Lord Crux had been in a mood ever since they had landed on Tython and he had remained aboard the ship.  Even if the Council allowed him access to the temple grounds so long as he behaved, the stares and reproachful glances weren’t something he tolerated very well.  Despite the long travel through hyperspace, he refused to join Ehlial down on the planet.  

But this utterance was most unusual for the Sith.  No matter how much Crux wanted to voice his disdain he usually kept it to himself or let it out in small cryptic murmurs when he thought the Miraluka wasn’t listening.  

“I’m happy to see you, too, Lord Crux,” Ehlial replied simply and finished climbing the gangplank. 

The Sith snorted, “So you have a sense of humor now? Did they implant that in you while you were down there or should I have the doctor check you for fever?”

“What has gotten into you lately?  We’re still on Tython and that kind of talk is not going endear you to people around here.”

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Does Azi’xoss have to have a stern talk with that bad tempered Sith man again? :|

Ehlial: Mail call!


[To: Jedi Master Azixoss]
[From: Padawan Ehlial Sahnin]
[Subject: Reminded me of you.]

Belsavis is an interesting planet, but there really is so much going on here it’s hard to absorb all at once. The guards here keep wondering why I’m here, even after I’ve explained to them several times that I’m a Jedi Padawan and this is part of my training. And that Ixo and Crux are with me so I will be fine. 

There’s a very nice lady who feeds the guards and personnel and she likes to make these for me. Somehow, I felt that perhaps you might want some of them, too. They say that Master and Padawan often can sense each other’s feelings and moods, and lately I have felt a sensation of exhaustion from you. I’ve never been very adept at foresight or the telepathic communications as you are, so if I’m incorrect in this than perhaps it’s just in my head.

I sent a long some of the tea they serve here, too. It’s actually really good, no sweetener even needed. Don’t ask me what’s in it, I have no idea but everyone here drinks it regularly. It’s most excellent in the early morning when it’s still fairly chilly out. 


Included with the letter is a package of frosted cookies, and jeru tea, loose leaf in a metal container.

[To: Padawan Ehlial Sahnin]
[From: Jedi Master Azixoss ]
[Subject: Re: Reminded me of you.]

You are correct on your sense of things, as much as I may wish to not admit it. Some rather extensive healing of another Jedi Master was required of me last night; physical damage, so nothing terribly taxing, but it is something I’ve not had to do to that degree in awhile.

I offered to stand watch during the night, as he was in a slightly shady medical facility. Meditation helps, of course, but does not always replace sleep. It’s nothing to worry yourself over, though; I’m just feeling my age a bit lately.

Thank you again for the cookies and tea; small things do make one’s day better, after all.

I am happy to hear that your training is still progressing well, and that Ixo’diz and Crux are not causing you too much in the realm of undue difficulty. Admittedly, I had qualms about Ixo’diz on Belsavis, but the sorts kept there are not really the—sort—that he is.

Do take care, Ehlial; Belsavis can be deceptive, violent, and is capable of bringing out the worst in or shaking the resolve of even the best people simply due to the nature of what it’s being used to contain.

- Azixoss


Things that will probably make Azixoss go >:C at Lord Scourge.  Along with: 


(( Things that will make Azixoss mind snap that goddamned Sith until he learns to behave like a Jedi or goes back to the Empire.
Nobody messes with the Padawan. >:C ))


Things that will probably make Azixoss go >:C at Lord Scourge.  Along with: 


(( Things that will make Azixoss mind snap that goddamned Sith until he learns to behave like a Jedi or goes back to the Empire.

Nobody messes with the Padawan. >:C ))

That’s just about enough.

Thirteen days, twenty-one hours, forty-five minutes, and thirty—-five seconds. 

That was the amount of time that Azixoss had been this Sith Lord’s ‘prisoner’. On occasion, the large, angry red man stopped by to gloat or to make an attempt at raising Azixoss’ ire, and every time he found himself thwarted by the maddeningly calm Twi’lek.

Azixoss knew that Ehlial was not ‘falling’ in the way the Sith wanted him to believe. It was the Sith who was in control, the Sith forcing Ehlial’s actions and reactions, none of them belonged to or were given by his Padawan. He had, after all, been paying close attention.  Ehlial was, for lack of a better word, a prisoner as well.

Speaking of prisons, the Jedi’s own cell wasn’t half bad—as Imperial holding cells go. Beat being stuck in a Flesh Raider cage, if nothing else. In fact, this cell was much larger than he would have required; more than enough room to stretch out (if he didn’t mind putting his feet up on the wall), and ample space to simply meditate, which is what Azixoss spent the majority of his time doing.  Much of his time had been spent attempting to reach out to Ehlial, to reassure him that he had no been abandoned, and to encourage him to fight the Sith’s control.

After some time, it became obvious that either Ehlial was unable to sense him, or that he was simply unable to fight back.

Assuming that it was the latter, Azixoss caught the attention of his assigned guard.

"I think it’s about time you let me out of this cell. It’s simply not right to keep an old Twi’lek locked up; it won’t do any harm to let me out for some exercise. Darth Iniquitous won’t mind."

Ehlial: Pet.


Ehlial could not move, nor make a sound, nor halt the inexorable marching of his feet toward the edge of the platform.  Below him he could hear the whistle of air, the drop leading to airchutes that ultimately spit any debris out into the darkness of space. If he lept, it meant certain death.   Gloved hands grasped the bars of the railling that prevented people from simply falling off.  With a short hop, he found himself teetering on the edge, precariously balanced.  

A voice broke the stillness, cut through the groans of subdued Jedi scattered around the room like broken dolls.  A voice that seethed and reverberated off the walls, echoing all around them.  Only one Jedi remained standing, only one strong enough to withstand the Sith Lord’s power.  This is who he addressed.  

“See how I take your padawan and make him mine.  Surrender, Master Jedi.  Surrender and I will spare his life.”

Azixoss deactivated his lightsaber, removing another sound from an already still room.

The Sith’s voice halted the Jedi’s footsteps. The Jedi spared one quick, passing glance at the room, taking note of where his comrades had fallen.

He had asked them not to come. In fact, he had ordered them not to follow, however, he did not hold the rank necessary to enforce it; they were, after all, all Masters. Azixoss’ assumption, when the small group of them were somehow already there and engaged by the time he and Ehlial had arrived, was that they were finally feeling a bit of guilt for using a seventeen year old Padawan as bait for a Sith.  The Council would certainly be receiving a lengthy, sternly worded report on this.

Well, no matter; at least they were out of the way for the moment. Their current condition, while concerning, did not actually alarm Azixoss. The other Masters were not dead, they weren’t even badly injured, just put aside for the time being.  Keeping them that way had to be a drain on the Sith’s power. That thought, for the moment, Azixoss kept tightly to himself.

This Sith was powerful, no doubt, but reckless, and this? 

This was little more than frantic flailing as the Lord saw whatever plans he had start to fall to pieces in front of him. Anger, fear and frustration radiated from the Sith; if Azixoss could sense it, he imagined it was almost overwhelming for Ehlial. 

For everything the Sith conveyed, the Jedi was his opposite. Calm, resolute, and controlled.  He could only hope that his Padawan would choose to focus on him instead of the Sith.

"Azixoss, Sith." He offered a polite smile and a shallow bow. "Though, I’m certain, if you’re the one who’s been trying to get his hands on my Padawan, that you know that already."

"I’m afraid I don’t have the benefit of your name, and I should very much like to know that so I don’t have to continually refer to you only as Sith. It seems a bit rude to do that, don’t you think?" 

Crouching, Azixoss laid his lightsaber on the floor  and, with one smooth, calm motion, nudged it with his foot, sending the weapon rolling a bit lazily toward the man holding his Padawan.

"I would appreciate it if you would move Ehlial to the safer side of the guard rail; we are both aware, I think, that you don’t intend to kill him."

I find myself worrying about Ehlial more than I ought to; some of the people he associates with, while not inherently dangerous on the surface, could prove problematic if I am not careful to provide my padawan with continuing guidance.

That, of course, will require that I somehow manage to be granted authorization to leave Ilum on a more permanent basis.

No matter, I’ll meditate on that later.

Ehlial accompanied me on what was supposed to be  a small, relatively routine, sort of outing. It, unfortunately, turned violent; a rather large, angry Wookiee took issue with us and attacked. I had hoped that the first time Ehlial had to see me in ‘combat’ would be under more controlled circumstances and not in actual combat, but we can’t always get what we want, can we?

He told me that he was impressed with how calm and collected I was and, though that is quite a compliment, I reminded him to make certain that he didn’t allow it to become a focal point, especially since he specializes more in lightsaber combat. One rarely appears calm when using a pair of lightsabers, even if one is inwardly calm. It’s rare that I have to move much in combat. To those not used to seeing a Jedi rely primarily on the Force over a lightsaber, it does appear as though I’m hardly moving; it’s not nearly the first time someone has commented that they find me a calming, serene presence on the field.

My hope is that, with continued training, Ehlial will become skilled to the point that he will have the same effect on those around him, even if he does have a pair of lightsabers out.

That aside, the Rakghoul epidemic appears to be spreading; I keep vaccinations on hand but, as I cannot simply abandon my work on Ilum, I feel that I am not being as useful as would otherwise be possible.